With climate change being such a hot global crisis, KIN is dedicated to doing whatever it can to play our part and take that little extra footstep to make all events more sustainable events. We can continue our promise to bring you the events of your dreams whilst focusing that little bit more on the health of our planet!

We focus on these key areas to improve sustainability across events:

  • Location and transport

    • Minimising deliveries across the season and keeping equipment and stock on site

    • We relocated our offices to be nearer to our most commonly used venues and our partner KERB to decrease our carbon footprint

  • Waste minimisation: re-use, repurpose, recycle

    • We reuse all dressing for each event across the season and repurpose them year after year

    • We ensure our bars at our venue Shoreditch Gardens is using polycarbonate glassware across the season

    • We ensure our food suppliers ban single-use plastics including bottled water and cutlery

    • Ensure the use of disposables is minimised and are made only from compostable materials

  • Work with partners to look at their supply chains

    • Working with KERB Food and local suppliers means we know that our food and drink is sourced with our carbon footprint in mind and traders can trace their ingredients to source

  • Communicating electronically

    • At Shoreditch Gardens event, we don’t print collaterals and ensure the only single use artwork is digital or provided by the client

    • KERB ensures all bars are contactless only with no printing

People & Wellness & community

Events are a coming together of people, a temporary moment in time for guests to enjoy, learn and grow. Our community is made up of every person who interacts with a KIN event: clients, guests, suppliers, their teams, local communities and peers. We aim to create a positive, stress-free, fulfilling and meaningful event experience for the workers and all those touched by a KIN event.

We advise our clients on best practices and ensure all of our suppliers have values that align with our own. KIN ensure that social sustainability is at the core of their business and we actively encourage all of our team to prioritise their work life balance.

This is also reflected in the KIN team day-to-day, by offering a number of benefits to enhance the wellbeing of the team, such as: healthcare, gym memberships, training budgets and bonus schemes.

Our diverse team is the heart of KIN, and we all live our values in the daily running of the business. We believe we can get the most from our team and nurture them to be the best they can be by ensuring well-being is at the forefront of what we do, which in turn is beneficial for the business and the sustainable events we run.