How to Network Like a Boss

23rd Oct 2023


Conference Events – Your Gateway to Success

Conference events offer a golden opportunity for professionals to expand their network, forge meaningful connections, and unlock doors to new possibilities. As a bespoke event management agency specialising in conferences, the team at KIN are pro’s at working a room!  In this post, we’re sharing our top networking secrets, equipping you with the tools to make the most out of every encounter. Whether you’re attending a conference, or want to network your way to the top at your team Summer Party, these strategies will empower you to navigate any event with confidence, purpose, and ultimately, success. 

Come Prepared with a Game Plan:

Preparation is the key to success, and networking at conferences are no exception. Before attending the event, research the guest list, speakers, and participating companies. Identify individuals you wish to connect with and familiarise yourself with their backgrounds and interests. This knowledge will serve as a valuable icebreaker and help you engage in meaningful conversations. Additionally, have your business cards at the ready and don’t be afraid to share them!

Engage in Active Listening:

Networking is not just about showcasing your own skills and achievements. To build lasting connections, it is crucial to engage in active listening. Show genuine interest in others by asking open-ended questions and actively listening to their responses. This approach not only demonstrates your willingness to learn but also helps you uncover common ground and shared interests. By being a good listener, you can foster trust, build rapport, and leave a lasting positive impression.

Leverage Conference Technology:

In today’s digital age, technology has become an invaluable tool for networking. Make use of event-specific mobile apps, social media platforms, and professional networking sites to connect with fellow attendees before, during, and after the event. Engage in online conversations, share insights, and arrange informal meet ups. Additionally, live-tweeting or posting about the event using event hashtags can help you attract attention and initiate conversations with like-minded professionals.

Attend Workshops and Breakout Sessions:

Conference events often include workshops, breakout sessions, and panel discussions led by industry experts. Take advantage of these opportunities to expand your knowledge, gain insights, and meet influential figures in your field. Engaging actively in these sessions can help you showcase your expertise, ask insightful questions, and initiate conversations with both speakers and attendees. By demonstrating your passion and curiosity, you can position yourself as a knowledgeable professional worth connecting with.

Follow Up and Nurture Relationships:

Once the event concludes, the real work begins. To turn initial connections into meaningful relationships, it is crucial to follow up promptly. Send personalised follow-up emails or connect on professional networking platforms, reminding the individuals you met of your conversation and expressing your interest in staying connected. Suggest a coffee meetup or offer to share relevant resources or insights. Building and nurturing relationships over time will help you solidify your network and create mutually beneficial opportunities 

Use London’s best conference event venues:

London is home to some of the worlds best conferencing venues. As experts in the industry, the KIN team have worked at all of them and are here to help! Whether you are after a venue with history like Tobacco Dock, or a space with views of the river like Old Billingsgate, let the fabulous team of event managers at KIN find you the perfect fit. Of course, networking is the name of the game, so it’s important you choose a conference events venue with space for your guests to interact and engage with each other.



Networking at conferences can be a transformative experience, opening doors to new collaborations, career prospects, and personal growth. By coming prepared, actively listening, leveraging technology, attending workshops and nurturing relationships, you can make the most out of your networking opportunities. Remember, building genuine connections takes time and effort, so be patient and persistent. Embrace every event as a chance to expand your horizons and unlock a world of possibilities. Happy networking! 

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