KIN London’s Favourite Caterers

22nd Aug 2023


Here at KIN London, we work with some of London’s most creative, innovative and delicious caterers! Whether it’s an elegant dinner for 10 or an epic Summer Party for 800, these catering legends bring the flavour to everything they do. We are opening up our little black book to bring you the new series KIN Loves where we will share our top picks of industry suppliers. First off the rank – KIN London’s favourite Caterers!



KERB Food – Redefining Event Catering for Summer Parties

Bringing a revolutionary twist to event catering, KERB Food are masters at channeling the dynamic essence of street food into every delicious mouthful. Their inventive food concepts not only tantalise taste buds but also bring independent traders into the spotlight, enriching summer and Christmas parties across the UK with vivid flavours and authentic experiences. KERB’s carefully curated collection of the most exciting and delicious independent traders are sure to bring a smile to your next event!


Check them out here – KERB



Bubble Food – Culinary Alchemists for Awards

One of London’s most exciting caterers, Bubble Food is synonymous with culinary innovation and avant-garde presentations. Their menus aren’t mere assortments of dishes; they are meticulously curated experiences that transform awards ceremonies into immersive gastronomic journeys. With ingenious pairings and an unwavering eye for detail, Bubble Food crafts dining experiences that linger long after the event’s curtain falls.


Have a look at their latest creations – BUBBLE



Moving Venue – Pioneering Excellence for Christmas Parties since 1984

Embracing a legacy dating back to 1984, Moving Venue has stood as a steadfast name in crafting exceptional events across London’s most iconic venues. Their expertise lies in blending remarkable locations with exquisite dining, breathing life into your next Christmas Party. When you entrust Moving Venue with your event’s catering, you’re not just securing exceptional cuisine; you’re securing a guarantee of quality, consistency, and an experience that etches its mark.


See what they have cooking up for Christmas this year – MOVING VENUE


Boulevard Catering – A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity for your next Conference 


East London’s iconic Boulevard Catering weaves a narrative of contemporary culinary flair entwined with an unwavering commitment to the freshest local ingredients. As a family business, they infuse every dish with a touch of care and dedication. From sourcing ingredients to presentation, Boulevard Catering’s passion for good food makes them one of KIN London’s favourite caterers.


Read more about this East London business  – BOULEVARD


Cater London – Fusion of Innovation and Excellence for your next Bespoke Event

Bringing care to everything they do, Cater London embodies the spirit of modern excellence, delivering catering that is both refined and bursting with innovative flavours. Their bespoke approach ensures that each client receives a tailor-made menu and an unparalleled standard of hospitality. Cater London isn’t just about food; it’s about weaving an experience that harmonises taste, ambiance, and unforgettable memories for conferences and awards ceremonies.


Have a look at what they are up to – CATER




We are so proud of the events we produce and a big part of that is ensuring we find the perfect caterer to match our clients brief. Whether it’s a late night snacks, gourmet BBQ or a glamorous 3 course meal, we will pair you with the perfect foody partner!

Get in touch with the KIN team today to find out how we can help you plan your next epic conference, awards, Christmas or Summer Party!