How to make your events more sustainable

2nd Feb 2023


How to make your events more sustainable

5 things to think about to reduce your carbon footprint…

With climate change being such a hot global crisis, KIN is dedicated to doing whatever it can to play our part and take that little extra footstep to make our events more sustainable. We can continue our promise to bring you the events of your dreams whilst focusing that little bit more on the health of our planet! Here are 5 things you can think about when planning your event to reduce our carbon footprint…


1. Select your venue based on their sustainability values


With the hundreds of venues in London to choose from, we are dedicated to choosing those where sustainability is at the forefront of what they do.


Did you know..

Venues who use sustainable energy dramatically reduce their carbon footprint

Using LED lighting is also a great energy saver

Aiming for zero waste in food, materials and energy all contribute to a greener venue!


Some of London’s top green venues include:

The Barbican

-One Marylebone

-The Roundhouse


2. Choosing suppliers who align with your values

Aside from venues, choosing the right supplier who aligns with your values to make greener choices all contribute to an overall sustainable event. Every supplier can make a difference, from caterers, to bands, to photobooths, furniture hire, AV, dressing to name a few –  all key players to consider in the planning process! Why not try Eco Foundry plants – Living Walls are self-sufficient, sustainable, water managed gardens, constructed as a mobile or freestanding frame and can be adapted to provide a stunning and unique backdrop for any show, event, exhibition, company or workplace. No more tears watching the florist throw away thousands of £ of beautiful fresh flowers!



3. Make sustainable catering choices!

Catering choices are probably one of the most practical and easy ways to instantly reduce your carbon footprint. Here are a few of the most important factors to consider with your catering..


Having plant-based options on the menu, or even go as rogue as to create a plant-based menu for everyone, with guests opting in for a meat or fish option- it’s 2023!

-Minimising the different number of dishes to create, by combining your vegetarian and vegan option, or creating a ‘free from’ dish to exclude nuts, dairy and gluten.

-Carefully thinking about the style of event to cater in the most efficient but sustainable way. Buffets are the least sustainable service style because of quantity control, but it can sometimes be the best way to cater for events of hundreds of guests. We can balance this by thinking of ways to control quantities – who doesn’t love a beautifully presented individual dessert pot!

-Thinking about balancing the quantity of drinks we pre-pour to maximise efficiency and minimise guest waiting time at the bar, whilst also minimising waste – who would disagree with maximizing our drinks at our Christmas parties so that those delicious cocktails are actually drunk!

Partnering up with a company such as Too Good to Go is a great way to control food waste at the end of an event!


4. Think about the location of your event to minimise travel 

Travel and transport are one of the largest contributors to climate change. We can all make small but effective changes to reduce this! KIN is always thinking about venue location in terms of accessibility and transport links so that guests and suppliers can easily make their way there – preferably on public transport! Having a ‘no empty legs’ policy will mean choosing suppliers who have either done another event the day before to minimise transport costs (also making it cheaper for you!) or finding smart ways to reduce the transportation impact.


Choosing an event location close to your office for example is a really easy way to lower your carbon impact. The smallest things such as car-sharing for your taxi rides home can make the world of difference too!


5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

You’ve all heard the phrase –  we learnt it in primary school. But it’s significance is now higher than ever before! Repurposing your dressing and props from your previous events for future events in order to minimise the amount of waste and bespoke items can be a really simple way of thinking greener. Finding smart ways to make use of materials we already have is also a great (AND FUN!) way to get creative and save the planet. There is always a home for something, and we’re focused on finding it!