Case Study

Ipsos Conference

7th March 2023

Ipsos Conference

Bespoke Conference for Ipsos's Company Strategy

In this case study we will examine how we worked our KIN magic and transformed the Tobacco Dock into a bespoke conference venue, for Ipsos’s company strategy session. This case study will highlight the key details that went into the planning, execution and impact of this bespoke event.

Creating a bespoke conference

Ipsos Bespoke Conference


In February 2023, KIN London organised a bespoke conference for 900 people at Tobacco Dock. Notably, it was accomplished within just one month, highlighting KIN’s exceptional event planning and execution skills. The conference aimed to facilitate a company strategy session, followed by an awards ceremony, fostering knowledge exchange and recognition in a distinctive setting.


Venue Transformation

Furthermore, to enhance the visual and technical aspects of the bespoke conference, we collaborated with Anna Valley, a renowned production company. Their expertise in audiovisual solutions ensured flawless execution, contributing to an engaging environment where every aspect of the conference ran smoothly.


Event Flow

Guests were greeted at the North Dock with a welcome drink, setting a positive tone for the day. The conference took place in the Great Gallery at Tobacco Dock, offering an elegant and spacious setting. KIN orchestrated a seamless program that inspired and celebrated achievements. The event concluded with a networking session featuring drinks and canapés, providing attendees with a chance to unwind and catch up.


Key Takeaways

When creating a bespoke conference, clear signage and stewards directing guests ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time. Keeping everything on schedule is crucial. For example, checking with caterers to ensure canapés are ready when guests arrive in the reception area.


KIN’s success in orchestrating this event in a short turnaround stands as a testament to our agility, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. The bespoke conference showcased the company’s ability to turn ambitious ideas into reality within a tight timeframe, leaving a lasting impression on both organisers and attendees.

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