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The Wallace Collection

Bespoke Client

A Chic Christmas Celebration

As bespoke event managers, we are experts in all types of events – although ask the team, and they will all tell you they have a particular soft spot for Christmas parties!

The Elements

Bringing it all together

A Historic Venue Transformation

The Wallace Collection is home to some extraordinary pieces of art and with its gorgeous architecture, it was the perfect backdrop for us to create one of our KIN masterpieces.

Arriving through the iconic entrance, guests were directed into the courtyard where they dined under the glazed ceiling. With elegant Christmas décor blending seamlessly with the art work, we created intimate pockets of seating for guests to mingle and connect.


Setting the Mood with  Decor

Intricate projections that dance across walls and ceilings, took centre stage at this holiday soiree. Crafted with care, they painted the venue in a gentle play of light and shadow, transforming the space into a winter dreamscape. The carefully considered Christmas décor added a touch of warmth, with twinkling lights, lush wreaths, and tasteful ornaments adorning the surroundings.


Entertainment that Mesmerised

Full Circle Entertainment tailored a captivating array of performances that resonated with the theme of the evening. As guests mingled, a live jazz band serenaded them with soulful melodies, setting the perfect ambiance for networking and conversation. The string quartet, dressed in sophisticated attire, added an air of sophistication to the evening. And when the time came to hit the dance floor, the DJ took the stage, seamlessly blending contemporary beats with classic holiday tunes.

Culinary Delights that Dazzled

Bubble Catering, known for their artistic approach to food, wove a culinary tapestry that left the guests in awe. The evening kicked off with a delightful array of canapés, each a miniature work of art bursting with flavour. As the night progressed, guests indulged in gourmet mains that melded tradition with innovation, while artisanal cheeses and carefully curated charcuterie boards delighted the senses. The crowning glory? An array of desserts that resembled edible art, from intricately crafted cakes to delicate pastries.



KIN Bespoke Event Management

The KIN London team, experts in bespoke event management, successfully transformed the client’s creative ideas and concepts into a tangible reality.
With meticulous attention to detail and careful selection of every aspect of the event, we were able to bring to life this chic Christmas celebration.

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