Indonesian Embassy - Conference

The Indonesian Embassy

In this case study, we will examine how we worked our KIN magic and transformed the Indonesian Embassy into a bespoke conference venue for the embassy’s annual Investment Forum. This case study will delve into the planning, execution, and impact of this bespoke event.

We know you probably know us for our legendary Summer and Christmas parties, but did you know KIN produces a wide range of bespoke conferences too?


Creating a bespoke Conference

It was an honour and a true pleasure to work with the incredible team at the Indonesian Embassy to turn their embassy into a bespoke conference venue for their annual Investment forum! Having never put the event on at the embassy itself previously, we thought it added an element of authenticity that couldn’t be matched elsewhere


Key Players:


The event management experts who seamlessly brought all the elements of this fantastic event together



Indonesian Embassy:

Our wonderful clients and host of the annual Investment Forum




Our  production partner who contributed to the creation of a custom-built stage and backdrop.



Pinstripes and Peonies:

Our floral experts who set the scene with gorgeous plants.




The catering service provider responsible for the tasty treats on offer and the delicious networking cocktails


Event Planning and Execution

1. Conceptualisation:
KIN worked closely with the Indonesian Embassy to conceptualise the event. We aimed to add authenticity to this bespoke conference by utilising the embassy as the venue, which had not been done previously. This decision set the foundation for the unique event experience.


2. Venue Transformation:
To turn the embassy into a suitable conference venue, we collaborated with production partner Vibration. Together, we designed and constructed a custom-built stage and backdrop, elevating the space and making it conducive for plenary sessions. The orange mood lighting and botanical décor by Pinstripes and Peonies further enhanced the ambiance.


3. Catering Services:
Boulevard catered to the guests throughout the day, providing breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, and networking cocktails. The carefully planned meal and beverage services contributed to a seamless event experience.


4. Event Flow:
The event’s structure included inspiring plenary sessions in the morning, followed by lunch and opportunities for guests to connect with one another. Some attendees also participated in business matching sessions within the embassy, making the event not only informative but also conducive to networking.



The event was a resounding success, thanks to months of meticulous planning and attention to detail. It showcased KIN’s ability to transform unconventional spaces into remarkable conference venues. The Indonesian Embassy’s Investment Forum gained authenticity and uniqueness that couldn’t be replicated elsewhere, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

The event also highlighted KIN’s dedication to working closely with its clients, creating a memorable experience. It showcased our commitment to delivering high-quality, customised events that reflect the client’s vision and needs.

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